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Re 94 100CSQ/V8Q

-- [ From: l * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

In V3 238 Ken Hu posted ...I hear many people have their  V8 auto trans

That's a new one to me. I know Eliot had his replaced under warranty because
of a leaking seal. One recent poster in England
reported a replacement. Also recall another poster with a shift problem.
Because I have had to replace the automatics in two of my other Audis I
checked carefully and extensively  before I bought the V8, and the tranny
seemed to be one of the really strong points of  the V8. The ZF's I have
flailed beyond reason in the past (BMW) were bulletproof. IMHO if required
30,000 mile fluid/filter changes are complied with it is one of the best
automatics around. I'd rather have a stick I guess, but they are rare. I
wish I had the latest software too, but mine is great--and in Seattle
traffic a stick would drive me nuts. In many ways the ZF is better than a
stick--you can control shift points, and  both up and down shifts are
unbelievablly quick and smooth. The lock-up feature in other than top gear
makes the mileage outstanding for this 4000-plus pound pig. I've averaged 22
.1 for the last 24,000 miles (measured, not computer. (The computer shows
very close to the same reading, however)

A friend in England says that the V8 is used quite frequently for towing
"Caravans" weighing  2000-3000 pounds. Guess I wouldn't recommend that... 
BTW if the Audi God is a lurker, I can't afford a tranny overhaul right now
CUL, Les