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More electrical mischief:

Yet another note from me trying to fix my car. :)

I posted a few weeks ago about how the rear speakers (none of them) are 
working on my 86 5000CST, and about how the antenna will not raise as 
well.  I started taking out some of the carpeting and stuff from the 
trunk this weekend so that I could have a look at some of the wiring that 
goes to the little amp in the trunk, but I gave up after I saw how many 
wires were everywhere, of all different colors of the rainbow, and how 
many different harnesses there were also.  Does anyone have it in their 
hearts to post a color-guide to the stereo/power related wires in the 
trunk?  I have ordered the bentley but it will not be here for a few more 
weeks, and I really would like to get the stereo up to snuff.  I replaced 
the blaupunkt head unit with an Aiwa 60 watt deck, and the front speakers 
work great.  I hooked up the crutchfield "box" only to the rear speakers 
-- I tried hooking it up to the fronts as well at first (stupid, not 
thinking) and of course things were very quiet.

I think there definitely might be a problem with some wire being cut 
somewhere.  When I used my multimeter to test the front speaker circuits 
at the harness in the dash, I could get it to do beep indicating a 
complete circuit.  No beep for either of the circuits to the rear.  I 
then pulled off the black Audi "Duo" sound switch box from the rear deck 
and probed it a bit.  All the circuits on it are complete, and the 
resistors on it are fine.  That's not the problem.

There's another (strange?) problem.  The dome light DOES NOT come on when 
any door is opened, when the switch is in ANY position. However, pushing 
it all the way to ON does turn it on, so I know it is not burned out.  
Ideas on this one?

Thanks for more help.  BTW, when I get home from the office, I will look 
up the name of that Junkyard I mentioned I visited this weekend, as some 
people have mailed me mentioning that they want to know more about it.  I 
have to look on my receipt -- what a bad memory I have.

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