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Your Q's

Scott A: For rotors and brake pads try Blaufergnugen, 800/683-2834.  
They should do a bit better than what you cite.

As for your tranny - have it checked.  These OFTEN lose the seal on 
the reverse shell, and the hydraulic pump must be replaced as the 
seal (really a stout piston-type ring) mounts on it.  That pump is 
REAL pricey - Audi gets $600.  My rebuild was $1500, which was much 
less than a dealer would have done it for...I went to a good 
independent shop.

I don't know whether your 91 was the last year for the VW automatic 
to be used in the Audi....or whether my 90 was the last year.  Either 
way, a good VW transmisson man can fix the autos made between 84 and 
about 91.  They are much cheaper than the dealer!!!!!!

I hope you can get by with a screen cleaning - and CHANGE that tranny 
fluid to synthetic at ONCE!  It might help.

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