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RE: Panasports

Twain Mein wrote:

>The gentlemen selling the 14x6 audi rims mentioned getting Panasports for 
>Z. I think that Panasports are great looking. Does anyone know if they are
>available (fitment) for '89 200QTW in 15x7?  I don't even know where they 

>Also, what is general opinion about them? Light? Race proven? Etc.

>Twain Mein


I have 14x6 Panasport FC Pro Rally 8-spokers on my '91 Mercury Tracer LTS. 
 Love 'em!  No better looking wheel for smaller cars IMHO (and yes, I too am 
awaiting the arrival of the A4Q turbo 5v...)

I bought my Panasports from:

Leitzinger Imports
3220 W. College Avenue
State College  PA  16801
(814) 238-2447
Contact:  Chuck Kurtz

I paid $550 (delivered) for the set of 4.  Besides Leitzinger, there are 
probably 3-4 other sources selling Panasports these days.  Check out Sport 
Compact Car Magazine, Turbo Magazine, and of course European Car Magazine.

Other wheels that I think are really sharp include the Revolution RFX 
5-spoke, the Compmotive TH Rally Spec (OZ has a similar model), the 
Compmotive MO 5-spoke, the Cromodora (Sparco) 15-spoke, and the Speedline 

Brad Denham
Hollister, CA