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cam sprocket

Frank J. Bauer                                                                  
dassault systemes of America     email:fjbauer@dsavm.e-mail.com                 
Subject: cam sprocket                                                           
i took some measurements from the OEM VW 8V cam sprocket.                       
if someone has the TB cover off or an Audi sprocket otherwise handy,            
could you please make similar measurements and post to the list or e me?        
OD (measured outside of teeth) - 132 mm                                         
ID - 21 mm                                                                      
W (measured at teeth) - 22mm                                                    
# teeth - 44                                                                    
woodruff key slot:                                                              
W - 4 mm                                                                        
D - 2 mm                                                                        
if these match the Audi sizes, we can try the AST adjustable cam sprocket.