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Re: another no Audi content stuff

treilley wrote:
>      Here in NJ, Regular unleaded goes for about 1.109.  You can get it for
>      about 1.059 on mondays and fridays at Mobil.  Don't take this to
>      heart; I believe NJ has the lowest gasoline prices in the country.  If
>      you drive an hour to PA, the gas is about 5-10 cents higher.
>      Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire
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> Subject: another no Audi content stuff
> Author:  Psycho Bob <honge@creighton.edu> at Internet
> Date:    3/26/96 10:11 PM
> I'm just wondering -- what's the price of the gas in your neck of wood?
> Here in Omaha, NE (yea! *sigh*), we got $1.249 per gallon average on
> regular stuff. I'd love to know because I think we're paying little bit
> too high on taxes -- actually, on everything. The thing is that NE is
> going to raise gas tax AGAIN. Maybe I should consider moving...
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I think our low gasoline prices are how we are compensated here in New 
Jersey for the ugly refineries everyone passes on the New Jersey 
Turnpike (not to mention the funky aroma; although that's not nearly as 
bad as it was 20 years ago).

Also, no matter where you drive your Audi (!) in New Jersey, you can't 
pump your own gas. That's right, the price Tim mentioned is for "full 
service" since it's against the law to self-pump in New Jersey.

Land of the free, home of the brave ...

Nicholas Androulidakis
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