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'93 90 needing direction

        Last April I needed a new car in the high 20s and the A4 wasn't out
yet. I bought a jeep Grand Cherokee. I know it was wrong, but my scirocco
was dying and I have a long commute. Anyway I made up for it. I talked my
sister who's a big bimmer fan, was getting rid of her 89 VW cabriolet w/
90,000 miles and a holey top. For that and 12,000 bucks I coaxed her into a
93 90CS. Am I forgiven yet. It get's better, a convert from bimmer is one
thing, but now, at my dad's request (A Buck and Olds fan since the 50s) I
am searching for a 100Q wagon. I promise when my lease is up, it's A4 time.
        My sister just told me she wants to invest in the 90CS and wondered
what she should do. My first thought was a 20V turbo engine w/ 5-speed and
some S6 Avus style rims. But reality is only so good, and the engine swap
is a little to unrealistic, and the wheels (I'm guessing) a little too
rare. My Question:
        Where should she start with this bone stock '93 90CS
'95 Grand Cherokee Limited (Should be an A4Q)
'93 90CS (sister's)
'92 Olds Wagon (Dad's,Uggh, but one day will be replaced by 100Q wagon)