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Re: buying euro-lights for 1990 Coupe Quattro...the story

     Well.......How do they perform?  Do they look any different from 
     stock?  Is the gain worth $400.00?
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: buying euro-lights for 1990 Coupe Quattro...the story
Author:  schulz@tif623.ed.ray.com (Peter Schulz) at Internet
Date:    3/28/96 12:26 PM

I'm back from my business trip to Denmark and Germany.  While in Germany, I 
final ly 
got them. Euro headlights for my US Coupe Quattro.  The story of my quest...
After working my way through different people at Audi in 
Ingolstadt, I reached Anne Seiverth of Customer Service.  Anne was most helpful 
in my request for the euro-headlight part numbers for my US Coupe Quattro.
She even called the dealer in Frankfurt, Germany, to make sure that they had 
received the parts.
The part numbers are:
893 941 029 H
893 941 030 H   They are an application for the european 80 series.
When I went to pick up the headlights, I was shocked.  Instead of just paying 
the headlights (lense, reflector, etc.) I found out that the assembly also 
includ es
the headlight holder or retainer (the black thingy used to adjust height).
So my plans for taking the headlights as carry-on for the flight home got 
complic ated.
I bought some cloth bags, and tape.  I wrapped the lights in some of my dirty 
clo thes
and used the tape to hold it together.  I then took both bags as carry on.
Mind you, if I had left the lights in the boxes, I would have had to check them 
i n...
And would probably have some expensive broken glass now.
Now the tough part.  Was it worth it ????
Headlights 297 DM x 2 =594 DM + 89.10 tax = 683.10 DM 
683.10 / 1.47 DM/US$ = $465.
I got a tax stamp. so I will be able to get the 89.10 DM ($61) back from the 
deal er.
So for alot of headache, and roughly $400, I got euro lights for my coupe 
quattro .
Potential savings???? The headlights are made by Bosch.  Does anyone have 
contact s
(distributors) so that the expensive dealer can be left out of the loop??
Maybe some of you 1988-91 80/90/Coupe Quattro owners can use the part numbers 
get a better deal...Or at least a negotiating price when dealing with US sources
for the Euro lights.(TAP had quoted $485/set)
Thanks to Anne Seiverth for also arranging the Calendars for us listers...
Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro  (soon to have new lights!)