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Re: Audi stuff from Eurospec Sport

Peter Schulz wrote:
> Listers....FYI
> I just got off the telephone after talking with Bruce Hermann at
> Eurospec Sport (408) 848-4203 ....
> FYI, he's got a bunch of OEM Audi cd changers that he's looking
> to sell....
> They're continuing development on the 2.6 I5, with new high-flow
> injectors, new chip, and expect to have some dyno figures soon...
> I sent him an Audi wish list for 80/90/Coupe Quattro owners.
> On the list were reasonably priced Euro headlights, variety
> of shocks (other than just boges) and some other goodies...including
> bumper mods that will allow the use of the S2 projector headlights...
> other engine mods...brake upgrades...
> He also said that he'll be joining the list soon...
> Peter Schulz
> 1990 Coupe Quattro
> schulz@ed.ray.com

Does anyone know whether this CD changer will replace the goofy Alpine 
unit that came with my '96 A6 Quattro Wagon?  Does it integrate with the 
Audi (Bose?) head unit's controller or what?

Nicholas Androulidakis