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Dear Q-heads,

1990 200qts with 103Kmiles.  In cold wx (under 50F) when I try to start  the
engine, it seems that the starter motor gear doesn't mesh immediately
(ting-ting-ting) and doesn't withdraw immediately once the rpms are building
up.  (ting-ting-ting again) Have withdrawn the starter motot twice and
cleaned it, then lubed the shaft with dry spray tefelon.  This worked,
temporarily.  (I would equate, in my backwoods Vermont mindset,  the
inability of the s/m to engage and disengage with the relativele cold wx
raising the viscosity of the lubricant but then again, Teflon ain't temp
sensitive.)  I don't want to ruin the ring gear or the starter motor, and
thought fellow Q-heads would have a reasonable solution involving adjustment
rather than remove and replace.

At the expense of bandwith, jibs and jeers, I want to say that, as in the
earlier years of ham radio, the "gentle, informed and good-natured" riposte
was a wonderful safe haven in an insane world.  So be it with the present
company of fellow quattro owners (who are, myslef included,  actually
techo-slaves groveling happily before the somewhat intemperate, demanding
but always thrice-blessed Audi Gods. 

Yours for better living through 1.9 bar on the gauge

Doug Terman
Antilles Engineering, Ltd.

1990 200qts
1988 VW syncro quantum mountin goat
1978 RX-7 with 58K on the clock
a plywood aircraft  that will surely kill me someday but I truly love.
AND looking for a 1989-1991 turbo 200 Vaggen