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87 Coupe noise

Today when I got in my Coupe all seemed normal . Then I heard it. A weird
sound that at first reminded me of a loose/slipping belt type of noise. It
would increase with the RPM's. But not always. I didn't want to pull over
and have other drivers see my car with its hood up! So once I got home  I
looked under the hood. I could be mistaken but the squealing noise seems to
be coming from the Cam/Lifter Cover. Humph! what is it, a bearing? I've
noticed that the lifters seemed kind a noisy but I thought that was normal
what with this being an Audi and all. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Should I drive it too work tomorrow?


Mike Des Chenes

89 200TQ
87 Coupe GT
87 Vanagon