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Re: Octane levels vs...?

On Thu, 28 Mar 1996, Brooks Ellis wrote:

>         I have noticed, that here in Colorado, we get the lowest octane
> levels of many states I have visited recently. I have seen a MAX of 91
> octane here, where many other states will have 94 and 95 octane.. 

I used to see 92 octane max here in the Seattle are, but I only see 91 
max now.  It doesn't matter for me, my '86 jetta is happy on 87, except 
in the winter.
>         Could we mix aviation fuel ( unleaded ) with regular fuel to raise
> the octane up? What does aviation fuel run per gallon?

Hmmmm, this reminds me of my friend's '64 Land Rover, which has a HUGE 
fuel opening that's threaded.  I asked him about it and he said the 
vehicle was originally designed as a military vehicle, and jet fuel was 
readily available at air bases, so the the was designed to run on it.  
When fueling at the local gas station, you just have to hold it in there 
and look in to see when its full.  Just one of the many quirks of that 
fine vehicle.  That's one SUV I could live with.