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5KSQ Brake Warning Light

Here's my problem:

On my '87 5KSQ, the brake warning light comes on every now and then.  It started
late last summer, especially when it was hot outside.  It would normally come on
after a hard brake, and then not reset until the car had been sitting idle

During the winter months, it just about never came on.  

Now that it is getting warmer again, it has started coming on again.  The level
in the reservoir  has been at minimum for a long period of time (> 1 year), so I
added some fluid the other day.  Thanks for steering me to the right oil, I
bought it at a VW dealer, $9.50 for 12 oz.

It still comes on, I've been testing it lately.  If I brake real hard, it
doesn't come on, but after I brake hard the second time within a short period of
time, it comes on.

Also, I have noticed that it has come on when turning the wheel at low speeds (a
lot of wheel turn), and not during braking.

Any ideas?  Thanks

Paul Waterloo