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Bomb hydraulics

> From: Mitch Loescher <Loescher@tamu.edu>

> It was my understanding that the hydraulic accumulator (bomb) was in the
> brake circuit, not the PS circuit.  I know mine is that way.  Did they
> change that on later models?

Mitch, I forget your model - I have a 200 and had a 5KT.  In both 
cases, the hydraulic pump provides the power for the power steering 
rack and hydraulic boost for for the brakes.  Therefore, that system 
supports both steering and brakes.  I can't swear to what the 
variations are.  

NOTE: If you look at the hoses coming out of your hydraulic pump, 
you can easily trace one or more directly to the rack if it's 
part of the system - which I think it is.  There are three hoses on 
the pump: one goes to the rack, one to the pressure accumulator, and 
I think the third is a return line from the rack.  Memory may be 
failing me here......
> Can someone post a crossreference between Pentosin and Audi hydraulic part
> numbers?  I know mine uses G2000 / Pentisin 7.1, but what's the other two
> numbers?

Can't help you there.  One might look into the owner's manual to see if 
it specifies which type of Pentosin is correct for the car...not sure 
it does but wouldn't be surprised.

BTW - re an earlier question about Pentosin 7.1 and 11 - does anyone 
know whether it's OK to use the later type (11) in all applications 
including those older ones which specified 7.1?  Logic says "yup", 
but these are Audis, after all!

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