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Re: Euro A4 with 5valve V6

On Fri, 29 Mar 1996, the BlueBullet wrote:

> I looked at a homepage for a British Audi dealer today and the 30valve 
> 2.8 V6  A4 pumping out 193 hp, is available for the UK. 
> 0-62mph in 7.3 sec for the manual! Man I cannot wait til that baby comes 
> here! Yet more reasons to save my money for mods to my aging 100S.

Arent we supposed to be moving forward here?  7.3?? My 90 20V is 
published at 7.2  (not sure where some of you got the 7.7 a while 
back...) Anyway... with 10 more valves, and one more cylinder, I would 
expect it should be in the mid 6's!  


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