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Re: valve cover

On Sat, 30 Mar 1996, Robert Paul Andrews wrote:

> I will be changing my valve cover gasket tommorrow on my 88 90.
> Any hints of tips guys?  all it looks like is take off the top part
> of the manifold with the allen bolts and then the valve cover to
> get it off.  Am I right?

Top part of the manifold? You going to change it from the bottom? :)

You should have about 10 8mm(I think, they might be 10mm) bolts holding 
on the valve cover. The three on the right also hold down your Ignition 
wiring loom. This is one job that IS as easy as it looks.

Are you talking about head gasket? If so, ignore what I just said, and 
plan on spending a day. (afternoon anyway...)


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