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Re: Dead boost pressure sensor

The boost pressure sensor gives out 0-5v and should be about 2.25v with the
engine not running.

You will have great difficulty in replacing only the sensor, we could not
find a source for these when we broke the tit off removing them from cars,
so we used a 25 PSI pressure sensor which gave a 0-5v reading. This meant
the pressure the computer saw was low and there was a greater chance of
pinging on high boost, but at stock boost levels there was no problem.

Needless to say the sensor was not the same and so some work had to be done
to make it fit, but not much. The sensors cost us about $90 each in England
and I can get you the source there. There should also be a US source for
them as I believe they were US made. If you want I will contact my UK
company on Monday morning and get the details. Please mail me directly.

Failing that its either a new computer or one from a breaker.

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