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idle stabilizer valve

Frank J. Bauer                                    (818)295-4108                 
dassault systemes of                                                            
Subject: idle stabilizer valve                                                  
i decided to pull the idle stabilizer valve off the 86TQW to clean it.          
two hose clamps and an electrical disconnect later i squirted liberally with    
a can of carb cleaner, let it dry, and then pumped a few shots of slick50       
one lube into it for good measure and shook it around.  ten minutes after i     
started the job i was test driving.  apparently, the isv functions as a         
damper to the turbo boost pressure spike when the throttle snaps shut.          
the mild "trailer hitching" (love that term from the xr4ti boys) when           
decelerating from boost in 2nd and 3rd was gone.  sometimes i would even        
feel i slight jolt if i didn't time the throttle shut/clutch in perfectly       
during upshifts - also gone.  later on lynn brought the 86GLI home.  as soon    
as the engine cooled off, i repeated the procedure.  this one looked pretty     
clean, but it rattled when i shook it so it seems suspect, but has over 160K    
on it so i wasn't surprised.  i didn't actually test drive this one, but i      
did start it and run it for a few minutes in the driveway.  the high idle       
seems to be gone.  before it would idle steadily, but at 1000-1200 rpm,         
sometimes as high as 2000 rpm with the a/c compressor engaged.  (not always     
nice with a 2-1/4 inch TT exhaust.)  now it's less than 900 rpm without a/c     
and an even grand with.  i would heartily recommend that anyone with idle       
problems give this a try.  since i have cross-posted this to both the GLI       
and quattro lists, i apologize to those fortunate individuals who have          
reason to receive both copies.   =8)   (dan?...)