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Who is the wise guy?!?!?!?

To all,

o.k. I was working the other day and a friend of mine who had ordered 
a pizza to take out told me an interesting story about an Audi driver 
from Ct. This particular person wheeled his Audi past a speed trap in 
the region of 165 M.P.H. Apparently he was clocked at this speed in 
Mass. and there was a roadblock set up in Vermont where they finally 
caught him. The fine was $1000.00 and various other fines.

The Vt. State Police escorted him to Mass. state line. Mass. State 
Police escorted him to Ct. Ct. State Police escorted him to his house 
and told him not to drive the car again.

Now this is what I heard and my friend goes to me, before he tells me 
the story, "Now I know why you bought that Audi!!"

I am trying to find out what kind of Audi it was. Are you on the list.
 If you are, please verify the story!!!!

Angelo A

83 ur-q
86 coupe gt