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V8 or 200TQ, and other ramblings....

Having BTDT and all that jazz..........  Here is my humble opinion on
this subject :-)

'bout the fall of 95 or so, was pondering the same question.

Looked at about half a dozen or so 89 pre-dual knock sensor 200TQ's
and was having a lot of fun blasting around Mass and New Hampshire.... :-)

I had delusions of modifying it to 350hp......... then my wife would say.... 
I can't drive a 5 speed.... to which I would reply... Great!,  now I don't have
share.... to which I usually got a dope slap in the back of the head... :-(


Some differences:


Automatic, more stuff (Gadjets.....) inside, although rear seat passengers
like rear heated seats :-)  nice fender flares, better looking (remember this
is my opinion...)  stomp on it at say 30mph, downshifts to 1st, screams a 
wonderfull 32 valve V8 growl........ next thing you know your in 2nd 
approaching 80+.....    I love this part....:-)

And most importantly to me,  I do Technical support on the phone in the
car all the time, so an automatic actually made more sense.


5 speed, lighter by about 400lbs or so, no fender flares,  need to wind it
up pretty good to get any real acceleration unless you do some mods.... 
less money...  speaking of mods :-) there is serious HP to gain from 
these cars...

At the time, If It didn't make so much sense for my business to have 
an automatic I would have gotten the 200TQ because of the high HP 
gains to be made.  But I do have to admit I have grown very fond of 
my V8.  I like the fact that I came up behind a guy in his 87-92 5.0 
mustang going thru a ramp when he attempted to blow me off, he 
wasn't succesfull so he got mad and jacked on the brakes,  I promptly
went around him and watched him slide sideways trying to stay with
me as the ramp turned in the other direction....... we come to a light and 
bozo starts to get out of his car.... what a moron. I ended up taking a 
different route to work because I didn't want this moron trashing my
car or something......

Anyway,  there are a couple of other people here who have pondered the same
question as well..... maybe they can offer some info as well....


Mike L.
89 100 Avant
90 V8