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Re: Hella Aux low beams

Just to clarify...you want Hella 550 or 1000 LOW BEAMS? You really seeking to
have the general driving population pull you screaming from your Audi and
beaten to a juicy pulp? I'll assume you meant HIGH beams, as having any of
these lights for lows would result in a premature death by others and several
citations by officer Bob Speed.
If you want them for high beams, then you're on the right track. Legality
varies from state to state. My state requires they be 'x' number of inches
apart and 'x' number of inches from the ground and must be wired into the
high beam circuit. Fog lights (which these are not; the 1K's anyway) are the
same but must be wired into the low beam circuit. An additional switch to
turn them off completely is acceptable and advisable. The Rallye 1000's are
terrific lights, but bulky and expensive, and may even get stolen from your
car. The 550's are much easier to mount, less expensive but aren't as
effective and construction quality is a bit lower. Incidentally, I have a
pair of 550 driving lights I could be made to part with :). Other posts have
covered mounting and wiring with relays, etc. so search the archives.
Bruno has six 1000's on the front of his TQC, BTW. Headlamps used merely for
road legality. Wonder how many alt. he goes through?
Dwight V.
86 Cgt, 89 Jetta GLI 16v, 84 Subaru 4x4 desperately trying to sell