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Re: UrQs

     It sounds like you would be buying the car with a good idea of what to 
     expect and since you have a 4000q as a daily driver I would recommend you 
     "go for it".
     The key ingredients to owning an Audi (or many other cars) is a good 
     knowledge base (this list), a mechanic you can trust and the names of as 
     many after market parts suppliers as possible, oh yes, and some "free" 
     Many of the UrQ drive train and engine parts can be found on other models. 
     There are even a number of parts that are available from Fox's and Golf's. 
     Getting friendly with your local Audi parts staff is a good starting point. 
     There are however a number of parts that are unique to the UrQ and often 
     they have to come from Germany....
     Spring is here, (and Charlie's spring should be here soon!), buy the car!
     Regards, Mike

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Subject: UrQs
Author:  William Murin <murinw@cs.uwp.edu> at Internet
Date:    3/29/96 7:32 PM

Brother Bob and I have been having some preliminary cyber-chats about the 
possibility of my acquiring his UrQ so he can get on with building his 
new house.  Bob has been very forthcoming about the car and I take what 
he says as gospel.  Jim at Blaufernugen and Darin also attest to the 
excellence of the vehicle.
My concern is what kind of maintenance this beast will need.  I 
recall many of 
the conversations on this list since I've been a member & do some 
reading in the archives, the word I would use to describe these cars is 
"fussy."  While they may not need pampering they certain need the touch 
of someone who really loves and understands them.  I am not a mechanic, 
mechanically inclined or anything like that.  My baby brother is but he 
is in NJ and he's a Chevy guy.  Even though I'm only about 65 miles from 
Chicago I have been unable to find anyone who I would feel confident in 
calling a UrQ expert.  
My question is just how much will I need a UrQ believer to keep the car 
running in top shape.  Jim & I talked about some possible minor upgrades 
to Bob's car like some slightly revised suspension components and 
dropping a new chip in the car.  I hate to think that I will need to take 
the car to Blaufernugen which is about 100 or so miles from me.
The car will be my second with the 4kq remaining as my daily driver.  UrQ 
would get put away for the Winter and be my primary warm weather vehicle 
as my son would probably take the 4kq when he is home from school.
Advice, guidance, and counsel is greatly appreciated.
Bill Murin