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Re: Fog lights

     If I come up to a car with 1 bright red light on the rear, I am going 
     to slow anyway.  Could be that he has 1 brake light out.  I think the 
     key is that if you use dual rear fogs, then you have to be intellegent 
     enough to not use them in good weather.  I guess the point is this:  
     If you are in dense fog would you rather come up to a car with one or 
     two lights on.  Personally, I think 2 are better than 1 for 
     As far as front lights, I keep my driving/fog(clear) lights on at all 
     time because they light the sides of the raod where all the deer hang 
     out.  There are so many along the roads to and from work that I see at 
     least one every day on average.  They are like rats with long legs out 
     here and they have a kamakazee attitude towards cars!
     Tim 90CQ, 77Spitfire

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Subject: Fog lights
Author:  tnas@dtpdirect.nl (Tom Nas; DTP Direct bv) at Internet
Date:    4/1/96 5:34 PM

Hi all,
We get quite a lot of fog over here in Holland, but not of the dense kind, 
mostly. The law says you can only use your rear fog lights when out of 
built-up areas *and* when visibility is less than 50 metres (about 150 yds). 
But whenever it's even slightly hazy, all those dumb so-and-so's switch 
their fog lights on, and forget to switch them off when the weather clears 
up afterwards, thus irritating the @#!$ out of all people behind them. 
Because twin rear fog lights look remarkably like brake lights, you get the 
impression that the guy in front of you is standing on his brakes all the 
time. That's why I stick to one single rear fog light. There was something 
on this subject in the press recently, I think they're even going to 
prohibit twin rear fog lights over here for that reason.
I don't know if it's the same in the US, but over here there's also a lot 
of twits driving with their front fog lights on all the time, no matter 
what weather. I guess they drive so badly, they *need* to be seen by 
My $0.02 on the subject.
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