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Great Videos


Another great video I have seen was done by RUF Porsche. I saw it a couple of years ago at
the Virginia City Hillclimb. Louis Ruf was there giving a talk. The video is called 
"Fazination on the Nurburing". The tape is about 30 min long. It shows two laps on the 
famous Nurburing circuit in a yellow RUF Porsche CTR. I got a copy of the video tape 
from the Quattro U.S.A. club for $20. The drivers name is Stephan and
apparently his nick name is "Sideways Stephan" as can be seen in the video. One of
the driving instructors at the last Quattro club event at Portland RaceWay 
drove with Stephan over in Europe and he commented on his "desire" to go sideways.

Scott  M.