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Wheel Options!

Some data for y'all. I have a 200QTW, '89. Called Tire Rack and Discount tire
for possible wheel fitments. According to them, the following are available.
(I believe this applies to 86-88 5000's as well).
Background: OEM size is 15x6, 205/60/15. Suitable Plus One is 16x7 or 7.5,
215/55/16 (that was news to me).

1. BBS RX (bitchin'!) in 16 x7.5 @ 272$ each
2. BBS RZ2
3. Zagato PZ 33
4. MSW 55.
5. Momo Aero in 16 x7.5 @ $326 each; in 15x7 @$234 each
6. TSW Blade (157$ for 15"; $197 for 16")

Both companies had more 16" in stock than 15" which seem to cost about $100
more each. Unfortunately, both  Borbet Type C and Motoring Exponents Zone had
no available fitment.
Bottom line: For less than the price (roughly $450 each) of a FUCHS or a
AUDI/BBS OEM wheel, you could get any of the above. Personally, I like the
Momo Aero and the BBS RX.

Just some info to keep you all dreamin!