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Got the '92 100 CSQ and any Seattle mechanic recommedations?

After deciding a coupe was too small, and not being able to find a wagon,
I got a '92 100 CSQ sedan with an automatic in great condition off a used
car lot for $17,100. I just wish I wasn't suffering from "clutch knee" 
(which has gotten worse the past few weeks) because I'd rather have a 5

I took it to Gemini in Factoria for a pre-purchase check. They seemed
professional, but a bit pricey ($99.95 for the check, normally $58/hour
for labor), but then I'm used to VW mechanics' prices.  Gemini is very
convenient, right next door to where I work. Anyone else out there use
them before? Not that I hope to see a mechanic often, but where else in
the Seattle area do people take their Audis (Seattle or Eastside)? 


'92 100 CSQ
'85 VW GTi

Doug Rudoff                                                drudoff@spry.com