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Re: 86 4000q cooling fan

In a message dated 96-04-01 21:47:51 EST, you write:

>I started my day with a dead battery today and as I was jumping it I
>the cooling fan was running whenever the key is in the off position.  Does
>body have any Ideas on what to check tommorrow on my day off.  Otherwise the

>fan seems to be working ok it just wont shut off when the key is in the off 
>Thank you in advance.
>Pat Martin
>86 4000csq
>95 subaru legacy awd


Tracing the Bentley wiring on your car suggests one  of three items: 1) the
Radiator Cooling Fan Relay (position 2 in main relay box under the hood).  2)
or maybe the Radiator Fan After Running Thermo Switch (I don't know where it
is located as my 85 doesn't have the after run feature, but the wire color is
Brown/Green with the obligatory Brown ground wire).  3) The Radiator Cooling
Fan After Running Control Unit (Relay position 10 on Aux relay panel under
drivers side dash).

Bruce Johnson
85 4KCSQ