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	I have bought a 1984,  audi 80 Quattro 4 door sallon.  2.2litre 
injection and I have no real ideas on ways of making them quicker.  I'm not after top end speed but more accelleration.  The only other problem is I can't afford to splash out on a turbo charger or 20 valve head.  Is there anything I can do 
which is cheap and relativeley simple appart from take the air filter off ??  That does seem to work however.  I have allready modified it so that the cold start doofrey thing thinks it's allways running cold therefore getting more fuel through
when I need it.  I want MORE though.  Any one got any ideas.  I would look through the archives but I only have internet access while I'm at work and they don't like it if I'm on the net all day.

Tel:  England  0044 1937 580101   ask for Andrew Scott- I can ring you back if your bothered about the cost.  or e-mail  Andrew@ndl.co.uk

Thanks for any help !!

P.S  I have a british number plate    'AllDI Q'  a bit tacky i know but there is a fixing bolt between the two ones at the bottom so it looks exactly like a 'u'

Cheers Scotty.