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RE: Mileage (was "What car to buy")

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     I'm getting better mileage, surprise, since installing the IA Stage 
     III chip on the 91 200 TQW. Was averaging 18.5 ~ 19.0 in city driving, 
     and this has improved to 20 now. Last highway mileage I saw was 
     23.5~24.0, and I'm curious to see if this goes up as well. 
     Guessing that the chip, in that it has added a good bit of advance to 
     the ignition, gives more thorough burning of the fuel here at Colorado 
     altitudes. I thought the Motronic computer was smart enough to 
     compensate for the altitude, but it appears some more advance doesn't 
     hurt at all. 
     As a side effect of the hotter burn, the oil and coolent temperatures 
     have increased somewhat with the chip upgrade--now within normal 
     operating limits. Were running on the cool side (oil temp needle 
     barely got off 60).
     BTW, I've taken this car up to 155 MPH, it had a little bit left, 
     maybe 160, so who is taking an aspro 20v 90 to 155 as well? With 100 
     HP less, how can the aspro 20V 90 offer that much top end?
     Returning to the original thread, whether to go with the V8 or I5 
     20VTurbo, if you are doing any mountain driving, you'll want the turbo 
     to maintain rated HP. The turbo engine also gives you big HP potential 
     with a chip upgrade. I5 block is bulletproof. Love that turbine 
     whistle as the turbo spools up. 
     For 0 - 60 MPH stock fun at sea level, the V8 is bound to seem 
     smoother and more powerful. 
     Mark Andre
     Fort Collins CO
     91 200 TQW IA SIII
     87 VW QSW
     64 Ghia EV project