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Bras/"front end protectors?"

Advice from my brother-in-law who owns a car wash:

Bras are okay for limited use when you expect a significant amount of
grit/stones to be thrown up off the road.  Example: a ski trip.  The "pad" that
"protects" your paint is over time quite abrasive; being wet only compounds this
abrasiveness.  He makes the customers who show up with a bra remove it
(naturally) and then shows them the difference in the finish on their car.  This
is for his own protection ("your car wash ruined my paint...").  There is
usually a significant difference on the cars that use bras year.  A clean car
and waxing BEFORE the bra goes on is a must, makes it kinda difficult for the
ski trip though... "Lessee; skis, poles, boots.  Whoops, gotta wash & wax the

Just a casual observation -- the Germans are often fanatical about washing their
cars (hand wash in the low 30's, etc) to maintain the paint in winter because of
salt, but I don't think I've ever seen a bra on a German's car.

Joe Yakubik