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Re: Bomb....Bad Bomb

> >Now, if you pull the fanbelt off of your 5K and still
> >"have a fun time" driving, well . . . remind me not to piss you off in
> >any dark alleys . . .
> Well then I'm reminding you now.....  Even with no Power assit the pedal
> pressure required to do a RIGHT NOW stop is still way down in the SISSY
> regime in comparision to a "Real" Racecar.

Never driven a "real" racecar, but I did drive my old (now her) '84 5kS around
for the better part of a year & 30,000 miles sans power assist (dead rack, no
interest in replacing it, so Mr. BuckKnife met Mr. Power Steering belt.)  It's
doable, if'n you're ready for it & in decent shape.  At the time I was a ski
instructor (that should read I was on the slopes every day) and I rode a
mountain bike everywhere, so my legs were in fairly good shape.  I didn't have
a problem stopping the car, even in stop & go D.C. traffic.  However, my
girlfriend, sister, mother & father all tried to drive the car (mostly when it
was in my parents driveway) and it was run into the house three times, a fence
once, and my Scout twice 'cuz they couldn't get it stopped.  Hmmmm

87 5000CS TQ - Metropolitan Washington, D.C.
84 5000S - Boulder, Colorado
90 80 - Bethesda, Maryland