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LaForza (was Re: New Audi Commercial)

In a message dated 96-03-30 20:10:52 EST, GY3WSX@UNIVSCVM.CSD.SCAROLINA.EDU
(Daniel Hussey) writes:

>But, these cars were built in Italy by Pinninfarina on the same assme
>bly line that the Ferrari Testarossa bodies were made on.  

Actually this poor bastard of an SUV was the result of Italian body assembly
plus engine and driveline installation and final trim/assembly at a company
called Cars & Concepts in Michigan.  Lots of nice parts, many from Ford parts
bins, very questionable build quality and no dealer/manufacturer support.
 Like the Cadillac Allante, it was an interesting attempt at the "best of
both worlds" philosophy of building cars (trucks).  But like the Allante, it
also deserved to be better built or to die.  Both took the latter course.

As to why Audi chose to use the LaForza, it's probably so that they wouldn't
give any SUV competitor any free air time during an Audi commercial.