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RE: '90 Coupe Q advice needed...

It's a great car! Enjoy it if you get it. Beware of it's affinity for speed,
I found myself cruising at around 110MPH ;-) shortly after I got mine.

1) After trade I paid $10K for mine with same mileage, same year, last
August, in Vermont.

2) Heated seats, heated locks, heated headlight washers (I think).

3) *Mail* problem is postage.

*Main* problem for me is lack of availability of aftermarket suspension
toys. The engine is the same as the other NA 20v, i.e.. 90Q20v.

Minor problems I've been tracking on the list include an appetite for
brakes, both pads and rotors, the usual Audi electrical gremlins, access to
stuff behind the instrument panel, and crummy stock radio.

Complaints include less than turbo performance (mostly acceleration,
handling is beyond superb), lack of headroom (Audi apparently sells a
replacement thinner seat cushion that gives an additional 10mm headroom),
teeny trunk (barely can get my golf clubs in).

Email me directly if you want to chat more...

Ian Duff, New Bedford, MA
1990 Coupe Quattro

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>Subject: 	'90 Coupe Q advice needed...
>Hi all...
>	Sold the Maserati last night. Time for another Audi.
>I'm looking at a '90 Coupe Q, 60k miles, black with tan leather, both power
>seats, heated as well. Modular (look?) wheels and all the other misc.
>I have a couple questions...
>1) What should I pay for the car?
>2) What is the cold weather option, the dealer said this one didn't have
>it, but 
>aren't heated seats included in that option package?
>3) what are the mail problem areas of the car?
>The car is located about 1200 miles from me, so I'd like to be prepared 
>before I tell them to go ahead...
>Thanks for any info,
>'94 Cherokee Country
>'94 Grand Cherokee Ltd. V8
>___________    <-----Audi goes here (actually, it would come first, now
>just taking place of Maserati.)