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Re: <movies> with Audis

I noticed this one in goldeneye.  In this one at least i think that it is
this bond movie.  When they leave the airport in whatever country that
they are in, in the background i a coupe.  I noticed it and it is only
there for a few seconds, but not many of them are in movies.  Cool


On Wed, 3 Apr 1996, Daniel Hussey wrote:

>      OK, here's a list of what we've got so far (with a few minor corrections):
>         "The Living Daylights" - 007 drives a champagne Audi 200TQ seadn (smugg
> les Kuskof to pipeline in it) at the begining, and then drives a 5000CSTQW late
> r on when he is in the Middle East somewhere.  Bond only drives the best!
>         "Ferris Beuhler's Day Off" - Yup, his dad drives a sweet Audi 5000CS tu
> rbo is it.  I, unlike most of you, thought the car looked more burgundyish (was
> definately a metallic) rather than a red.  Tornado red is not a metallic...I th
> ink Ferris's dad's car was Maraschino Red, or something like that.
>                   ....typical Audi driver (like me anyways), when he reaches in
> to the glovebox to get some Tic Tacs and starts pulling out, almost in front of
>  another person at a stop sighn.  The other person honks and alarms him, and th
> en he kinda shrugs it off like he knew the guy and waved.  I thought that was p
> retty funny.  Or, how bout when he gets behind that old lady....I think we've a
> ll been there a few times.  ;)
>         "Slacker" - aparently a red Audi GT drives by for a split second or som
> ething.  Not even sure if it's worth mentioning, but I havent seen the movie.
>   And here's a few I'd like to add:
>         "Leathal Weapon 1" - Towards the end, Gary Busy, main bad guy, is tryin
> g to get away from Mel, and winds up car jacking an Audi 5000CS turbo.  He runs
>  by the car, opens the door, throws the guy out, and says "Mind if I take your
> Audi for a test drive?"  And takes of with it.  You only see it for a few secon
> ds, but I thought it was pretty cool.
>         "License To Drive" - The mom in this movie has a Saphire Blue Audi 5000
> S sedan.  The daughter, who passes her driving test with flying colors, gets to
> take it out for the night.  She goes out with her boyfriend (a hippy type) and
> they wind up getting caught in the middle of some protest.  The people start be
> ating on the car, and later on you see the car on the back of a flat-bed tow tr
> uck and being towed off....probably to the local Audi dealer!
>                      ....the daughter's boyfriend makes a really good comment a
> t one point in the movie (I can't remember exactly what he said...maybee someon
> e on the list remembers) about the Audi being a symbol of capitalism and author
> itative and suppressive ideals....or something like that.  ;)
>        And, also, as someone already mentioned, Higgins on Magnum P.I. drove an
> Audi 5000S, and Magum even drove it in a few episodes (a few where he'd injured
> his leg, and one or two when he wrecked the Ferrari).  There don't seem to be m
> any cameo appearances by Audi's in films and it's too bad!  Also, I remember a
> few of Warren Miller's Extreme Skiing films that were sponsored by Audi (and mo
> re or less for Audi Quattros).  Well, did I forget any??
>                                                         Later,
>                                                         Dan