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Re: Leather Shift Boot

Richard Funnell wrote:
> Have an auto upholstery shop make one for a lot less than $190.  I had a
> shop make a leather parking brake cover for my urQ for $75.  It looks a lot
> better than the original plastic one.  They will use the original for a
> pattern.

	OK, here's something radical :-) -- do it yourself! Back
	in my grad school days (read "poverty-stricken"), myself
	and my wife took apart the completely threadbare seat
	upholstery on my Ford Fiesta and made exact copies with
	new upholstery material.  It took a while, but no big deal:
	I cut out new panels exactly the size and shape of the old
	ones and my wife did the stitching on a household sewing

	The results were quite astounding: the fit was close to
	perfect, and the seats were in excellent condition when
	I sold the car several years later.

	A shift boot sounds dead simple if it's anything like the
	one on mine.


	'91 200TQ 40K
	'85 5KT, 121K
	'92 Honda Accord, 46K, for sale!
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