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Hey Y'all,

Thanks for your patience.

The mailing labels for your calendars are on their way to Ingolstadt.  There
were about 90 calendars requested.  There are a confirmed 70 (or so)
calendars in stock at Ingolstadt.  Whether everyone gets all the calendars
requested depends upon the magnitude of "or so".  Multiple requests will be
honored as a single request first.  After everyone else has been shipped
their first calendar then additional will be shipped if any remain.  [In
honesty, I must admit that my address is the first on the list.  :-)]  

I most sincerely hope we all enjoy our, as yet, sight unseen calendars.

Now, before you all start expressing thanks or griping (or whatever),
remember this - any credit belongs primarily to Peter Schulz (with no "t"
:-) ).  He is the one who tracked down Ms. Anne Seiverth of Audi Customer
Relations and found the calendars for us.

Thank you, Peter.

Your calendars will be arriving before long.  Some might not get a calendar
depending upon the supply.  I hope you are not disappointed.  You will need
to be prepared to pay COD for the shipping from der Vaterland.  How much
that will be I can only guess.  Perhaps $12 to $15 US?  Or your guess?  It's
as good as mine. 

About September or October of this year someone please remind me to get
information on 1997 calendars.  I now know who to contact.  :-)

I intend to delete about 150 to 200 old calendar messages this evening.  So,
I will be unable to answer questions about who contacted me first, etc.  I
gotta free up some disk space, ASAP.

Again, thanks for your patience.  It's been kinda like watching grass grow,
hasn't it?  :-]

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