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PIAA fog light opinions

    I'm about to have a bunch of work done to the '91 200 Quattro, but wanted to check
opinions on some things.  
    As everyone knows the lights suck, and though I've got 1 broken, I still can't 
justify that vast amount of money for Euro Hellas.  My thought is to get some other
lights to compensate.  I was thinking of some of the PIAAs that have both a fog
and a driving light.  Here are the models I know of and some ballpark figures from
a Seattle retailer.  
  PIAA 90 Pro, model 9050 $428.47, model 9051 $520.73 (crystal ion aka
      highschooler Civic/Rabbit std. equipment)
  PIAA 940 $227.54
  PIAA 960 $289.74

Obviously the 90 Pros are out or if my pockets were that deep I'd just buy the them
and the Euro lights.  

     -Eric Harman (ericha@wrq.com)
    '91 200 Quattro, '90 626 GT