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Re: Lady Di Does...

Subject: Lady Di Does ....
>In a message dated 96-04-03 18:04:57 EST, you write:
>>On a similar note, Princess Di drives an A8.
>She also crashed (or was bumped in her bonnet) a purple 318ti. That was the
>car I turned down for the 200QTW. Probably wouldn't turn her down tho. Daphne
>Zuniga in Melrose Place was driving a 318ti before it was "for sale" in the

Princess Diana drove past me once in her Convertible a year or two ago. I
was just stepping out of London classic car dealers / auctioneers Coys of
Kensington when she drove up the street, I stepped back (it's a cobbled,
narrow mews) and she waved as she drove past.

What Di is noted for in UK automotive circles is causing a huge surge of
folk buying cabriolets which never have the hood down as it ruins the hair
of those wanting to emulate Di. This is why, even during last summer's
heatwave, I only saw one Audi Cab. with the hood down out of literally
dozens in central London.

Oh, and control your lustful thoughts, chaps, until she's divorced - a very
old law (circa 12th century I think) still permits the death penalty for
having sex with the King or the regent's consort. Presumably that's why
James Gilbey looked so concerned when they found out about his affair...

Vorsprung durch technik & all that,

Patrick Young