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Re: Rear strut for urQ

     Anderson brothers in MN.
     Call and ask for Keith. usu disclaimers and all that stuff.
     I seem to rememeber him helping another list member with a front strut 
     housing not too long ago.

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Subject: Rear strut for urQ
Author:  raf40@oes.amdahl.com (Richard Funnell) at Internet
Date:    4/3/96 06:30 PM

First I must thank all of you who got back to me with recommendations for 
body shops in the Bay area.  I have tracked all the recommendations and 
will have to pick soon.
It turns out that the left rear strut is bent, and needs to be replaced. 
The shop is telling me that it isn't in stock anywhere in the US, and will 
need to come from Germany.  This apparently means 3-4 weeks or more.  Does 
anyone know of a source for these?  New or used?  Thanks.
Richard Funnell,
San Jose, California
'83 urQ
'87 560 SL