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light upgrade with relays and autocheck warning comes on!!!


I'm feeling more than a bit dumb.  I spent some time this weekend upgrading 
my Coupe Quattros headlights by installing relays. I used the method outlined
by Eric Fletcher (STEADIRIC). Using two relays per headlight, one for the low 
beam and one for the high beam.  I ran a 12 gauge wire to the battery for each 
light and installed an in-line fuse on each wire.  I then connected this 
"hot" lead to pin 30 on each relay. 

(The following applies to both low and high beam relays). Pin 85
has the jumper going to the old 9004 connector.  Pin 86 is grounded to the
chassis.  Pin 87 goes to the new 9004 connector and the bulb. 

I triple checked my wiring. The low beams work, the high beams work.  The problem
is that the autocheck warning comes on on the low beam position, and not the high

I tried some troubleshooting:  without the relays, I ran jumpers from the "old
9004 connector" to the new one, no alarm.  I grounded the new 9004 connector to 
the chassis, and only jumpered the low and high beam leads, and left the ground
lead (from the "old 9004 connector") open, no alarm.  I also tried swapping
relays.  Based on this I assume (I know!!) that the autocheck system checks for
current.  No current = open circuit = burned out bulb, right???  So the auto
check system is telling me that I have an open circuit??? But the lights DO 

What gives????  I want to sort out the wiring before I install the euro lights.

Any hints (besides ignoring the warning!!) would GREATLY be appreciated!!

Peter Schulz (befuddled!!)
1990 Coupe Quattro