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Re: For Our Australian Friends

> >From: loren01@ix.netcom.com (Scott Bermes)
> >Greetings,
> >
> >I just won free airfare from Los Angeles to Sydney and will only have 
> >about one week to enjoy a vacation.  Since all of us on this list enjoy 
> >driving, is it a good idea to go with a rental car and experience the 
> >South East area?  
Sure, there's plenty to see both North and South of Sydney. Don't try
going too far afield, one week is way too short.
If you are used to mostly freeway driving be careful on the smaller 
two-lane roads. Be very sure judging oncoming cars distance and speed
if you are overtaking someone.

> >I plan on staying in Sidney about three nights, but could 

> They have good speedway in Sydney (Parramatta mainly), if that's your kind 
> of thing too.
Also, road-racing at Oran Park (about 1.5 hours south), Amaroo Park (about
1 hour north-west) and Eastern Creek (about 1.5 hours west).

> you're staying in town travel across on the ferry to Bondi beach and then
No ferries to Bondi mate, it's all ocean. The ferry to Manly lands you
on the Harbour side, it's then about 5 minutes walk to the ocean surf
beach. This ferry ride is definitely a good thing. But make sure you
get on the open style ferry (40 minute crossing with big windows and/or 
outside seating), not on the hydrofoil (20 minute crossing with tiny
high windows and no outside seating, can't see a bloody thing).

> you can get the bus to Cremorne (lovely trip all in).

Actually all the way back to the City centre via Cremorne.

Another nice excursion is to the Taronga Zoo. Take a ferry to the Zoo
wharf, take the short bus ride from the wharf to the Zoo entrance at
the top of the hill, and then take your time walking back downhill
through the Zoo and end up back at the ferry wharf.

Sydney has a very extensive public transport system, and driving and
parking in the city can be a bit of a pain. So I would suggest you
look at purchasing a multi-day train/bus/ferry pass when you arrive.
There are various combinations and zones but for a fairly minimal
cost you should be able to get a pass that will take you everywhere
you want to go within 30 miles of the city centre. Get a map.

> Day trips? Yes, possible. You could visit Bowral (where they filmed Babe)
> and the famous Don Bradman Cricket Museum is nearby (sorry that's absurd, an
> Irishman recommending a cricketing museum to somebody from LA).

Day trips: Blue Mountains, Coastal beaches, Bowral/Southern Highlands.
Two day trip: Hunter Valley wineries.

Speaking of wine, be vary careful mixing alcohol consumption and driving.
The legal limit is only .05, and there are RANDOM breath tests at any time
("Reasonable suspicion? We don't need no steenking reasonable suspicion!").
There are plenty of taxis in the Sydney area, use one if in doubt.

If you have any specific queries e-mail me direct.

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