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Re: static shocks

[from Mark Shilling]
>I found that the *best* part about it is that I am now trained to
>unconsciously hesitate before touching any sort of door or metal object...
>... kinda like being a dog!  : )

I've found myself closing the door by pushing on the driver's door glass.
Lot's of fingerprints there. I then lock the door and ground myself with
the key. Tho' one good spark did jump past the key and hit me once.

my 2 electrons.

BTW, anyone know of a way to verify the readings from a DVM. I've got the
baby Sunpro (not the 7678) and it registered 13.4V on my passenger side
headlight connector. High and low. Am I making the right sacrifices to the
Audi God???

No relays for me. Just 9007's. And Bosch Driving lights.