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Re[2]: Rendezvous - Car

     I know this is off the subject but it is a chase.  The Glastron boat 
     chase in one of older bond films that was filmed down south somewhere. 
      They actually set the world record for the longest boat jump when 
     they jump over a road(and bufords chevy!).

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Subject: Re: Rendezvous - Car
Author:  dieckeaw@plu.edu at Internet
Date:    4/4/96 10:53 AM

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, Paul C. Waterloo wrote:
> One of my favorite chase scenes is with Steve McQueen in the Bullet.
That has to be my favorit chace seen too.  Does anyone remember the film 
he made with live race footage?  I'd like to get it.
> It has been a long time since I have seen it, I'm sure most of you have.
> Chasing through the streets of San Francisco in a ??? (he was driving some 
> of mustang, maybe a GT 500 or ??).
According to my friend, who has a 65 mustang, its just a 67 hatchback 
with a 4 speed.
> The guy chasing him had an old, now I can't even remember.  But what I do 
> remember is how cool he was during the chase.
Its a Dodge Charger.  Watch the chace again carefully and watch how many 
hub caps the Charger looses during the course of the chase.  8^)