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Replacing noisy fuel pump (Boston or Baltimore).

So the fuel pump in the back of the car (1990 model 100) is now
extremely noisy...I guess it is an early warning system :-)

The local dealer said the pump is $325 or $415 (he is not sure which type
is in my car), and add another $50 to 100 for labor.

Anyone know if there is any shop in Boston or Baltimore (USA) that sells
and installs "refurbished" pumps ... of course, all this only if 
there _are_ "refurbished" pumps out there!

On another topic, I've been told that I should also replace my leaking
steering wheel pump ... I don't think it is leaking that much, but is
there some visual or mechanical indication that I can check to
determine when it would be absolutely necessary to replace that pump?

Avinash Chopde
e-mail: avinash@acm.org
home page: http://www.paranoia.com/~avinash/