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Exceeding Customer Expectations

I came across this on another of our internal discussion DBs (one on
quality--not the Ops one on virus alerts!)  No audi content :(  but german
car related and humorous nonetheless...this was posted by someone in my
company in a country "somewhere in Asia"

>>>>> begin posting
One can come across such awkward situations trying to exceed client
expectations. Our client, a well known car distributor,  told us about this
incident when their Marketing Department sent out birthday cards to
customers who have bought BMWs, with a note thanking the customer for buying
from them. A small gesture that they thought would please their customers.
But, alas.....

the next week they were bombarded with massive phone calls from angry wives
(of customers they sent out birthday cards to) screaming, ' when did my
husband buy the BMW? - How come I did not know about this?' (the BMWs had
gone out to mistresses)

Oooops, that was a real mess!
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