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RE: 9004 Lightbulbs, Warning and ???

I have a 1990tqs.  Got tired (and sometimes scared) overdriving my
headlights, so I believed the hype put out by Inovative Products of Lake
Mary, FL, as to how I could just pop in a couple of their nifty 80/100 watt
bulbs (replacing the 45/65s that are stock.)  The first time I turned on the
headlights, one of the bulbs exploded and, within two hours, the other
burned out.  Inovative figured that I had touched the bulbs with my greasy
hands (didn't--actually wiped them down with alcohol and non-chemical
impregnated tissure prior to installation).  At any rate, they replaced the
bulbs.  After boring bright holes in the VT winter night for about an hour,
again, one headlight burned out, then the other.  Turns out that the bulbs
were okay, but the heat they generated had ***melted*** the plastic sockets
they plug into. 

Hi  Doug, 

I had the same prob with my 89 200 TQ. I bought the 80/100 bulbs from
an import shop in CA. Put the bulbs in, clean, happy as heck , turned the lights 
on and by the time I backed out of the garage the drivers side went poof !
I quickly shut off the lights and promptly reverted to my old bulbs. The import
house sent me 2 new ones (no charge) and said there was a "bad batch"
made. :-/ Anyway I never wanted to mess with the wiring harness as I figured
it would create more trouble than it solved. Sorry I don't have any good solution
other than the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ european conversion. Call Anderson Bros. in 
Minneapolis for suggestions. 

Later !

Keith Bidne
Ft Dodge, IA

87 5k TQ  my new acquisition/project . . .C. Jerritts wannabe  8-)