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Re: your mail

On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, The Judge wrote:

> I have a passive EQ, and get no distortion and noise.  How does a passive
> EQ "do more harm than good?"  Flat frequency response?  I do not have this
> problem.

Try taking it out of the system.  It'll sound better.  For years home 
audio companies have been trying to find ways to design a better volume 
control.  The resistor type volume pots commonly used add a lot of 
distortion.  The give a sense of remoteness to the music.  Take the 
resistor out of the signal and the music gains a sense of immediacy and 
"palpable presence" that wasn't there before.  I have extensive 
experience with this phenomenon.  That's just one resistor pot.  A 
passive eq has 64 of them!  Most of the time they are cheep ones too.  
Even the best pots, like an Alps, which costs as much as an entire eq, 
adds distortion to the music.  Also remember, when I say distortion, I 
mean anything that alters the original signal, not necessarily 
THD, or overload distortion.
> I have an "FM Modulator type setup" and it is fine.  It is not like
> listening to the radio, but instead actually sounds better than my tuner.
> I had a side-by-side comparison setup with both types of changers, and the
> difference was non-existent.  Have you actually installed a FM type system
> in your car, or is your knowledge second-hand?

I have not installed one in my car, but I have done comparisons.  A lot 
of people come to me for advice about home and car audio, so I feel I 
need to keep informed.  I can also tell you that external d/a converters 
DO make a noticible difference in the car.
> I did not intend to respond to the original question and get a response
> like I did.  Nevertheless, it is necessary for me to relate my stereo
> experiences for those who are looking to save some money without
> sacrificing audio quality.

I am sorry if you feel I flamed you.  That was not my intentions.  I just 
wanted to do the same thing you were doing, expressing my opinion.  My 
ideas about what's right and what's wrong differ from yours, and I felt 
the person asking the question deserved to hear all sides of the story.  
The FM modulator is a cheep fix to an expensive problem.  In my opinion, 
if the modulator is used, it should only be temporary, until the person 
can upgrade to an aftermarket unit with aux inputs.