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Re: your mail

At 09:14 PM 4/4/96 -0800, dieckeaw@plu.edu wrote:
>On Thu, 4 Apr 1996, The Judge wrote:

>> I have a passive EQ, and get no distortion and noise.  How does a passive
>> EQ "do more harm than good?"  Flat frequency response?  I do not have this
>> problem.
>adds distortion to the music.  Also remember, when I say distortion, I 
>mean anything that alters the original signal, not necessarily 
>THD, or overload distortion.

see my note below, on FM bandwidth
>> I have an "FM Modulator type setup" and it is fine.  It is not like
>> listening to the radio, but instead actually sounds better than my tuner.
>> I had a side-by-side comparison setup with both types of changers, and the
>> difference was non-existent.  Have you actually installed a FM type system
>> in your car, or is your knowledge second-hand?
>I have not installed one in my car, but I have done comparisons.  A lot 
>of people come to me for advice about home and car audio, so I feel I 
>need to keep informed.  I can also tell you that external d/a converters 
>DO make a noticible difference in the car.

I have had both types of CD players.  In my '87 4kcsq, I had a
second-generation Sony 10-disc changer (don't recall the model, the one that
used the RM-X2 tuner/remote) that I installed myself, directly feeding a
small 4-channel amp to the factory speakers (yes, the itty-bitty ones in the
dash and the funny round ones under the backlight).  On my '91 200q, I have
the factory 6-disc changer (Alpine, someone said?) using the RF modulator,
feeding that *&^%$# Bose system.  Obviously not the best comparison:  trust
me--the hard-wired system sounded MUCH better, even with the smaller
speakers.  I definitely perceive a lower s/n ratio in the 200.  (it could
also be that stupid Bose sound, too--like i said, not a good comparison)
Someone explained to me some time back that, no matter the frequency
response or dynamic range on a CD, if it feeds through an RF modulator, you
are limited to something like a 12-15khz bandwidth for FM--that's all the FM
technology allows.  perhaps an EE-type or RF specialist can elaborate for
us.  I do know that for some types of music (esp classical) there are
missing harmonics (overtones) in my current setup.  so, on the issue of an
altered signal, this bites. 

[more deletia]
>The FM modulator is a cheep fix to an expensive problem.  In my opinion, 
>if the modulator is used, it should only be temporary, until the person 
>can upgrade to an aftermarket unit with aux inputs.

Agreed.  Problem is, I'm chewing up things like brakes, tires, etc. having
fun  DRIVING.  If I want really good STEREO, I'll sit at home in my living
room :)

2 pennies.
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