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Re: What car is this?

On Fri, 5 Apr 1996, Linus D. Toy wrote:

>        ....Well, folks, lets look at the facts.  He said the badge was an RS2 b
> adge, yet the RS2 was an avant based on the 90 platform.  The coupe was an S2.
> So, It's probably choise A, or a wannabee, who put an RS2 badge on his coupe.
> If I could only get my hands on one of them badges.....Hmmm.  I've seen a 200TQ
> 20V with an S4 badge on it before.  But, you should try to talk to the guy....h
> e'd probably love this list and is probably a QClub member.

There is a guy in the Northwest who used to work for Audi in Germany who 
has a us spec 90 quattro painted RS2 blue with the RS2 (968) brakes and 
suspension components and interior, but the stock V6 and 5 speed.  My dad 
saw it at University Audi when he was picking up his car and got a chance 
to sit in it.  He's been braging ever since.  I got him back when I got a 
ride in Ned's beast, though 8^).  You may have seen this very car.