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Bose EQ

I said:

> > FINALLY - in case I am NOT able to come up with a suitable adapter, 
> > Josh Karnes on the Z-car list suggested one option would be to simply 
> > disconnect the amps at each Bose speaker and wire direct to the 
> > speakers from the new radio.  I pulled one of the rear deck speakers 
> > and I can report that this would be EASY!  

And Adam said:

> Be careful with this.  Bose has a tendency to EQ their speakers to their 
> trademark sound.  If you bypass the amp, you might also bypass the eq, 
> which might make the system sound really wierd when used with a non Bose 
> amp designed to actually sound good.  Who knows, it might also sound 
> better without the eq.   Also, the bose speakers might have a really wierd 
> impedence, like 2 or 3 ohms, that could damage the amp.  

Well spoken, and a worthwhile note.  Given the tubby bass of the Bose 
EQ, I'm temped to think it would be an improvement.  But the note 
about impedence is very well taken.  Howsomever, I and my trusty 
$19.95 Radio Shaft digital volt/ohmeter can check out that aspect - 
if necessary.  I am reassured to note that the reear speakers are 
standard 6x9 ovals, so replacing them outright would not be 
difficult.  The door and dash speakers might be different, but I 
suspect they used conventional sizes there, too.  Now - how the 
Bose porting might interact with non-Bose EQ is yet ANOTHER in the 
multitudinous variables Bose offers us to deal with in swapping sound 

I think I want the single-speaker tube radio from my '59 Ford back.  
It worked reeeeeely good alla time.

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